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Here are just a few of the hundreds people we have helped make massive changes!

Noah K.

"I wanted to get stronger, leaner, and become more athletic... and here I am now DUNKING while having added 15 lbs of muscle, all my lifts up, and the best part is all the other changes. I am way more mobile, my lifestyle has changed drastically to where my energy and confidence are through the roof.. could not be more thankful for my decision to work with you guys."

Dan B.

"I wanted to add 12 lbs of muscle while staying lean, getting stronger, and keeping speed as an H-back for my college football team. Was able to do all that and more, and also help make some serious changes to the shoulder, hip and knee pains I've had from playing sports my whole life. Would recommend to anyone and everyone I know seriously looking to get better."


"Really got my health and energy levels way up by eliminating and adding some crucial dietary and supplementary changes. All it took to make serious progress was the plan. These guys definitely know what they are talking about."

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Have fitness related questions and just want some advice to get you headed in the right direction? This is for you.

With our unique and broad backgrounds (ranging from in depth nutrition, minor injury troubleshooting & rehab, athletic performance, weightlifting and programming, mobility, and more) we can help no matter what you're struggling with- or your money back.

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Are you looking for someone to walk you through- A-Z- everything you need to get you to your desired body, energy levels, athletic performance, and life as a result?

We have helped hundreds of people make REAL changes- and we would love to work with you every step of the way to help make a LASTING change.

We will ask for a comprehensive list of your exact goals, circumstances, and problems so that we can customize a plan will work from where you are now and get you where you want to be in the most efficient and effective means possible.

The goal being that once you leave working with us, you know enough about your body to never NEED another coach ever again.

What's Included?

  • 12-Week Customized Lifting, Cardio, Mobility & Athletic Training Program based on whatever you're trying to accomplish

  • A Diet & Supplementary Routine That is Customized to Your Life & Goals

  • A Form Guide Detailing How To Do Anything We Prescribe

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Calls with us

  • Weekly Group Calls where we discuss all kinds topics suggested by you and our other clients

  • A Group Chat With Us So That We Can Analyze Your Form Videos and Answer Questions Around The Clock

  • Access to the EXCLUSIVE BodyOptic Immersive Experience Group Chat with all of our clients. A group chat where everyone can help each other and hold one another accountable.

  • Lifestyle, Mindset, & Energy Tips To Maximize Progress


Collegiate D1 FBS & Private Circuit Sprinter (including times of 10.2 FAT 100m Dash, and 4.3 40 yd dash)

Specializing in:
-Athletic Performance
-Strength & Conditioning


Ex College Football Player, Hundreds of In-Person, and Online Clients Coached. Worked Under Some of The Most Renowned Fitness Minds in the World

Specializing in:
-Athletic Performance
-Strength & Conditioning

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Are You Ready To Make A Massive Change?

Introducing: The BodyOptic Bundle

What's Included?

  • Over 4 HOURS of ACTIONABLE video and text content

  • Diet Tracking

  • Workout Tracking

  • and MORE... EVERYTHING you could need to be successful

1. The LogFitz Limitless Playbook

  • SIX different workout programming templates (LogFitz (my personal programming), Athlete, Bodybuilder, Basics, Women, and Home)

  • Mobility/Flexibility Routines

  • A Form Guide For EVERYTHING I Teach

  • Simplified Tracking Sheets for Diet & Nutrition

  • Video Explainers On:

  • Strength Training Programming

  • Athletic Training

  • Training for Structural Balance

  • Mindset

  • Diet Framework

  • Nutrients

  • Health & Disease Prevention

  • Recovery & Lifestyle

  • Access to the Limitless Community

2. KDot Untamed's Savage Physique SPRINTS Program

  • Complete Warm-Up & Drill Routine

  • Explanation of Sprint Mechanics

  • Explanation of Sprint Phases

  • EXTREME Motivation tips that the ELITE use

  • Proper Physical and Mental Preparation

  • Workout Program Template

  • Preparatory/Conditioning Workout Program

  • Speed Workouts

  • Speed Endurance Workouts

  • Endurance Workouts

  • Speed Development and Resistance Workouts

  • Continuous Program Updates

  • Explanation Videos Delivering the in's and out's of Being ELITE

  • Access to the Elite Savage Physique Community

2. KDot Untamed's Savage Physique CORE Program

  • 12-Week Training Program (Progressive Program that Increases in Intensity and can be repeated for LIFELONG benefit)

  • Demonstration Video for EACH DAY

  • Access to the Elite Savage Physique Community

Everything you could need to get in UNREAL Shape, all for $400.

You won't find this sort of high level info, this affordable, ANYWHERE else...

There's no "set amount". I won't bullshit you and say there's only 24 copies.

But your competition in life, athletics, society, and any other avenue is not letting up. So if you're making lackluster progress, and are ready to go all in on maximizing your body and life, then waiting to start is just gonna keep setting you back.

There's no better fitness opportunity out there, helping as many people as we have, and giving you all of this information, content, and actionable templating for this low of a price. You can get EVERYTHING you need to become an absolute high performance MONSTER for only $400.

The "ball is in your court" so to speak. If you want to finally level up, get a SAVAGE Physique, become Physically & Mentally LIMITLESS, then click the button below and let's get to work. Don't wait and end up regretting not getting the programs you NEED for an unmatched value. And, anyone inside before our V2 of the bundle (with TONS of amazing updates and improvements) will get the second version free as a part of our Body Optic Community.